Eugene & Simmons Episode 1

2016-10-27 01:37:05 by Eggmanslim

Never doubt Eugene. This is a mini series about a strong will anime nerd named Eugene and his cat Simmons. More adventures with Eugene and Simmons coming soon!

Created by: Dion Jones




Voices by: Dion Jones Angelina Nguyen

My new 2D Animation Reel

2016-08-23 06:20:18 by Eggmanslim


BTS Clips (Behind The Scenes)

2015-06-20 04:19:05 by Eggmanslim

Im going to start making basic video explanations of how i animate. This is a clip from my second short which is in development! i was supposed to release it last year but life happened XD So now i deceided to completely revamp it and THEN release it in the near future! So this is basically a teaser for the second short [Tanu, The Minor Threat Part2] 
Check out Part 1 on my page!! <3
until then please enjoy these small clip animations and tell me how you feel!



OMFG!! First animation done!!! WATCH IT!!

2014-01-27 04:57:15 by Eggmanslim

So i finally finished my very first full animation.  I guess not so full cuz its only a minute and a half but its full as in it has music sound effects yadayadah!  Ive been developing the story behind the characters for yeeearss now!! so if its seems like theres a lot more going on..THERE IS! starting a webcomic series very soon!! just gonna put out a couple shorts bout the characters XD  anyways ive wasted enough of your time  Animation Here:    



2014-01-21 12:26:09 by Eggmanslim

Hey Everybody! Im new to the website and just thought Id say hello as well as let you know that im working on a few original shorts ! some of my first and theyre coming soon! prolly dont mean shit to you but fuck it!! :D newgrounds is awesome check out some of my art! >:F  

Tanu Vs. Gengar by eggmanslim on deviantART Dirko by eggmanslim on deviantART