OMFG!! First animation done!!! WATCH IT!!

2014-01-27 04:57:15 by Eggmanslim

So i finally finished my very first full animation.  I guess not so full cuz its only a minute and a half but its full as in it has music sound effects yadayadah!  Ive been developing the story behind the characters for yeeearss now!! so if its seems like theres a lot more going on..THERE IS! starting a webcomic series very soon!! just gonna put out a couple shorts bout the characters XD  anyways ive wasted enough of your time  Animation Here:    



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2014-01-27 17:43:24

gj on the cartoon hope to see the full thing SOON

Eggmanslim responds:

thank you very much sir!! hehe
part 2 coming ...SOOON!! XD


2014-02-08 18:06:48

Can't wait for part 2 ^_^


2014-03-28 11:35:33

This is your first animation? Crikey, nice job man, those backgrounds were beautiful! Can't wait to see more from you man :D

Eggmanslim responds:

Hey thanks a lot man! I decided to start working on a different project. This based off of a simple idea and i kind of half assed it. SO my next piece will be Much Much more , so its taking me a while but it shall be my best work ever! Thx for the comments really helps me out! :)))


2015-04-25 08:41:16